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  • New York’s State mandates take your tax dollars out of your local community and limit the ability to provide local services.
  • 90 cents of every county property tax dollar goes to Albany to fund State mandates.
  • Local taxpayers send $7.3 billion, in weekly installments, to help fund the State’s Medicaid program.
  • In 2012, counties and the City of New York will send more than $11.5 billion in local revenue to subsidize the State Treasury.
  • In order to pay for State programs, counties across the State are reducing or eliminating long term care services for seniors
    (including nursing homes and perpetuating situations of chaos and even at times necessitating nursing home abuse lawsuits), community health care centers, Meals on Wheels, local law enforcement activities, veterans services
    programs, and many other community-based services and programs.
  • Your State Legislators can enact mandate relief to help stabilize property tax dollars and keep more of your hard-earned money in
    your community for local purposes.

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