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Working Overseas? Why You Need an Offshore Injury Lawyer


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The offshore life may not be as easy as you think. Besides unexpected turn of natural events or disasters, certain overseas accidents that cause injuries may also be just around the corner.

In some cases, some injuries may just be minor and tolerable; these injuries can just be shrugged off as nothing serious. But in other situations, certain injuries may become hindrances to a worker’s livelihood and life.

Because working off shore means working away from land, further medical assistance that may be needed may not come fast. With that, injuries that could have easily been treated may quickly escalate into something that threatens the worker’s life.

Not only will you be facing so much physical pain, you will also have to deal with another major source of headache, the medical costs. As you might have guessed, treatment for major injuries may reach thousands of dollars and thus, may cost you a large portion of your offshore savings.

What’s worse is that aside from losing money, you will also be losing time as you will have to take a break from work in order for you to recover completely. Lucky for you if your recovery means being able to go back to the offshore life; but what if the injury left you permanently disabled? This crippling situation will force you to find a different kind of job, you will then have to give up your love for overseas. Or worse yet, what if the injury will cost you your life?

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As overseas workers, it is important for you to be compensated especially if the injuries you acquired were not through your own fault. Whoever is liable to the consequences you are facing will have to deal with the laws concerning the situation.

Many cases of offshore injuries have left overseas workers with not just a physical disabilities but also emotional stress and empty bank accounts especially when the employers do not want to help in the situation. Unfortunately, there really are some employers who will try come off clean even though there is actually negligence in their part.

Fortunately for those living in the U.S., there is a law referred to as the Jones Act. This law provides protection for overseas workers when it comes to these unfortunate situations. Jones Act will allow and ensure offshore workers to fight for their rights including compensation.

And so in cases like these, hiring a lawyer from a quality firm such as Olson & Olson P.A for business matters, becomes essential. An offshore injury prevention lawyer is one who specializes in aiding offshore workers when it comes to issues with regards to injuries. Employers may be sued if they are found guilty of negligence which contributed to the worker’s injuries.

Needless to say, as overseas workers, you must know and understand the importance of getting an offshore injury prevention lawyer. Your lawyer will save you from drowning in debt and oppression. Overall, hiring this professional may be the only way for you to achieve a just and fair solution of the many problems that may come with the injuries.

Talk About Offshore Injury – What You Need to Know


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In early 2013 it become clear that allegations made against the Takata Corporation about faulty airbag devices were true. According to pre-trail hearings Takata stands accused of being directly responsible for the over fourteen deaths.

Standing responsible for millions of unsafe airbags installed in cars throughout the world has been a cause of serious coprorate and also legal concern.  Information like this is not generally revealed to the public unless it's a blunder of this proporation.  Luckily thanks to qualified offshore lawyers who delve deep into the research behind such events we know that there is some recourse for unjust events and situations that occur on a global scale.

While you might be thinking how can an event of this size affect me? It can.

Millions of Americans and Canadians work overseas and return home only occasionally to see family and friends.  While the figure aren't clear, a large percentage of these ex pats are out seeking jobs in foreign markets and in term subjecting themselves to foreign laws and health provisions.

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As an American working in the states for a US owned and operated company most of us can rest assured that our basic legal rights are respected and also upheld.  This isn't the case in a number of foreign countries where local laws often trumps international laws.

If you do plan on traveling overseas, American Job Creators advises you to do a few things before embarking on your voyage.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Read all the fine print on your health insurance and be wary of fake online reviews.
  • Speak to a tax expert to know if there will be any end of the year tax implications.
  • Consult with a legal professional like Attorney C. Robert Biondino Jr.  for criminal law concerns or find a trusted legal professional who specializes on offshore rights and laws for you to know what exactly happens in case of the need for emergency medical evacuation or legal difficulties.

It's always best to have a plan of action in worst case scenarios then be faced with the legal and potential financial ruin that can come about from not knowing your rights overseas. 

One of the biggest things that most ex-pats working abroad take for granted is that other countries uphold laws and protect workers rights to the same extend as American companies. Even large foreign international companies don't function in the same way as their American counterparts.