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All You Need To Know About Working As A Bass Guitarist


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One of the most underrated musical instrument is the bass guitar. Oftentimes, when playing as a band, the attention focuses greatly on the beat of the dreams or the guitar solos; the bass is usually overlooked. However, without the bass, the musical piece would not sound complete. Bass gives music the thickness and fullness which fills the ears of the listeners.

Bass Responsibilities

What many people do not realize is the fact that bassist actually has two very crucial functions when playing in a band. These are the following:

  • Harmony

Bass plays the role of support for harmonic foundation of musical pieces. Harmony, in music, refers to the playing of a number of notes simultaneously; this does not necessarily mean that many instruments are required. For instance, a solo pianist can already create harmony by playing several different notes at one time. In other cases like those in an orchestra or a band, these musical players create harmony. Here, the bassist holds an important role since the notes being played simultaneously are heard relative to the lowest pitch which is the bass.

  • Rhythm

Perhaps the biggest contribution bassists are responsible and very well-known for is providing rhythm. This consistent and patterned recurrence of a beat is deemed as the pulse of the music. The priority of the bassist is to provide a steady rhythm with matching amplifiers such as those from in order to bring out the beauty of the music being played.

Bass Guitarist Jobs

If you are well-versed in playing the bass guitar, you have a number of ways to use your skill. You may work in the following manners.

  • Join a Band

Getting hired to play as the bass guitarist for a band is one of the most common options for those who love to play bass guitar. Here, you will definitely play the role of Paul McCartney who was the left-handed bassist of ever-famous The Beatles.

  • Play for Gigs

The truth is to get paid for playing your bass guitar, you do not really have to tie yourself down to a band. You can actually play in gigs for groups which have no bass guitarists. This is a great option as well because it allows you to get to know many different potential bands; thus, you will have more connections.

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  • Do work sessions

There may be aspiring songwriters and musicians who record music without any bass; this is where your assistance becomes relevant. Small time aspiring songwriters may send audio files which you can experiment with using your bass guitar skills.

  • Be a teacher

Another option is teaching bass guitar skills. You may opt to teach basic skills in bass guitar for beginners or you may also add more levels to your classes. You can even do online tutorials and classes for bass guitar. However, personally teaching others is much more recommended.

You may actually do all that have been listed above simultaneously as these work options are not mutually exclusive; they may co-exist at the same time depending on how you juggle your time as a bass guitarist.